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Carol Quarini

Textile artist and lacemaker


Contemporary lace

Carol is a textile artist, researcher and consultant who makes and studies lace. She uses contemporary lace as a medium for conceptual practice. Some of her work is based on biological themes and she also creates works that re-read the domestic.

Carol has recently completed a practice based PhD at UCA Farnham entitled 'The domestic veil: exploring the net curtain through the uncanny and the gothic'. In this research Carol uses the net curtain to reconsider the domestic, in particular the uncanny feeling described by Freud that occurs when the boundary between the homely and unhomely is blurred.

Carol's post-doctoral research studies the history, manufacture and design of net curtains and lace panels. Her current practice is based on veiling, inspired by mid-nineteenth-century gothic fiction.

Carol has been commissioned to produce a contemporary response to the Battle of Britain lace panel and its associated archive material. She has been awarded a Professional Development Award by the Textile Society to further this work.

Carol is a co-founder and director of the Lace Research Network.

In her blog lacethread Carol discusses exhibitions, events and activities related to her practice.