Cloth and memory

This installation in the Cloth and memory exhibition explored the process by which memories are embedded into cloth and the fabric of a building. The large windows in the room showed a gradual progression of being blocked up which was used to suggested that the room was gradually closing in on itself and its memories. The curtains are pierced by pins and needles in the traditional tally pattern of counting units of five, suggesting a prisoner marking time, while the misuse of sewing equipment suggests a subversion of the domestic. The curtains and pins gradually metamorphose into brick, suggesting the windows are insidiously becoming blocked up as cloth turns to stone, sanctuary becomes prison, and memories become part of the fabric of the room. This still, quiet room bears the scars of trapped memory and the contained violence of repressed domesticity.

The ideas behind the installation and its development are explored in the lacethread blog.


Cloth and memory 2012
  Pierced curtains 2012
  The scars remain 2012
  Embedded memories 2012