Net curtains

Carol’s current work uses net curtains embellished with handmade lace. Some of the curtains are used as a vehicle for expressing the unsaid thoughts of the homeowner. Others reflect the role of the curtain as a silent witness in the home, absorbing what is said and done and revealing hidden truths. Some of the curtains appear to have taken on a life of their own and become complicit in the terrors of the uncanny home. They all reference the slippage between the homely and the unhomely described in Freud’s theory of the uncanny and highlight the duality of the home as sanctuary and prison.

Some of the curtains have general statements on them such as ‘Mind your own business’ and ‘I can see through you’. But in conjunction with some of the more sinister messages such as ‘Its our little secret’ or ‘What are you looking at’ they hint at a more troubling scenario. Displayed in pairs or groups they play out different scenarios.

Carol’s recent work combines the curtains with video projections to form a series of narrative installations. In some cases, the wording on the curtains gives one message while the words appearing to seep out of the wall contradict the curtains’ bland assurances and indicate that all is not as it seems.


I never laid a finger on her 2009
  Whispering 2010
  The dark room 2012
  Detail: I never laid a finger 2009
Marking time 2010
  Illusion of freedom 2012
  Embedded memory 2012
  Wish you were here 2013