Freud’s 1919 essay on the uncanny develops the idea of the familiar becoming strange and the homely becoming unhomely. However, the unhomely also signifies the ‘fundamental propensity of the familiar to turn on its owners’. The slippage between the homely and unhomely, the animate and inanimate and the familiar turning on its owner are the focus of Carol's uncanny domestic textiles. At first glance the curtain appears homely with an innocuous lace trim, but closer inspection reveals that it has grown to an unwieldy length and is creeping into the room. It carries an unhomely message and has a guilty secret. The curtain pretends to offer security and shelter from the prying world but the photographic evidence suggests it has turned against its owner in the privacy of the home. Is it trying to destroy the evidence, brazening it out or wafting innocently in the breeze?


Wolf in sheep's clothing 2009
  Floored 2009   Whispering 2010
  Enlarging 2013