Carol is a textile artist and researcher who makes and studies lace. She exhibits widely and has completed a practice based PhD at UCA Farnham entitled ‘The domestic veil: exploring the net curtain through the uncanny and the gothic’. Carol’s post-doctoral research focusses on the history, manufacture and design of lace, net curtains and lace panels. Her practice is inspired by nineteenth-century gothic fiction, veiling, domesticity, women’s history and subversive stitching.

Carol has recently produced a series of work based on research into the life and lace designs of Amy Atkin, the first female Nottingham machine lace designer, which considers the effect of marriage on women’s working lives in the early twentieth century.  She has also published articles on early twentieth century Nottingham lace curtains and the machine lace designer Harry Cross and is currently studying the revival of English handmade lace at the end of the nineteenth century.

You can find more news on Carol’s blog lacethread where she discusses exhibitions, events and activities related to her practice.

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